Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Some Common Cat Behavioral Problems

Getting a cat for the family can be a great idea for the kids and yourself. Cats have long been domesticated for their loving, affectionate nature. But they are not always so easy come, easy go. Some cats can be temper-mental and possibly require some corrective training. Here are a few things to look out for.

Destruction of Property

Among kittens, chewing on things, especially wires and cords is completely normal. It is best to provide plenty of toys and distractions for them that are not potentially harmful to them though. However, some cat's will simply insist on tearing apart your furniture and belongings on a regular basis to the point where it is no longer acceptable.

Hostile Towards People

Once again, in kittens some gentle play around other people is completely normal. But if your cat is much more violent in nature on a regular basis towards others, then there may be a problem. If your cat is creating scarring and tears constantly when around others, there is an issue that needs to be taken care of.

Hostile Towards Cats

Similarly if your cat is hostile around other cats, this may be a cause for alarm. Some general apprehension around cats when they first see each other is completely natural, especially if the other cat is seen to be intruding on your cat's territory. But if your cat lashes out violently against them on a regular basis, this is a cause for concern.

Inability to be Without Company

Some cats will demonstrate an inability to be left alone for long periods. They may resort to excessive meowing and howling. While this may seem normal at first, if it goes on for long periods of time and happens regularly, there is probably some cause for concern here.

Cat's sometimes have behavioral problems like us humans do. And it's important that you know that this is really quite normal. But also that you know about some of the common signs and take appropriate action and talk to your vet.

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