Thursday, 27 October 2011

How to Deal With Some Common Cat Behavioral Issues

All cats act up on occasion and that is completely normal. But once it goes over the line, there is a problem that you will need to address.

Jumping up to Say Hello!

Cats love to jump up onto high places but certain areas like the kitchen counter-top are the last place that we want our little feline popping up. Unfortunately sometimes your kids will help ingrain this sort of activity in them by letting them up on a computer desk for instance. It is important that you instruct your children to not allow this any longer. And the behavioral training is as simple as removing the cat as soon as he does it and issuing a stern "no" to him. Usually within a few days they will start to get the hint.

Chewing on Cords

Cats especially love to chew on electrical cords. Not only is this potentially damaging to your electronics, the little kitty is in for a mighty shock if he hits pay-dirt. To prevent this sort of activity it is advised that you wrap your cords in some sort of adhesive to prevent them from chewing on them. Or better yet try your best to hide the cords behind some other equipment, under the carpet or behind furniture.  If all of this fails, you may choose to reinforce your cords with some cardboard and more adhesive to prevent any chance of them getting at the cables.

Litter Box Problems

One of the most common issues with cats is not using the litter box properly or at all. You must always remember that especially with kittens, this is not a process that just happens overnight. Just like humans, they need to be "potty trained."

But if it becomes an ongoing issue there are a couple of steps that you can take. Besides making sure to regularly clean the litter box with light materials that won't irritate the little guy you will need to use some tactics to try and change his behavior. One such way is to mop up the mess quickly and take the cat and the tissue to the litter box. This will force the cat to hopefully associate the two events and use the litter box in the future.

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