Sunday, 23 October 2011

Does Your Cat Use Your Home as a Litter Box?

First off, if you have this problem, I feel your pain. Nobody likes to clean up the defecation and urine of their pet on a regular basis. That is what the litter box is supposed to be for! But this is one of the most common issues affecting cat owners.

There are several different reasons why your little kitty may be using everything but his litter box as his personal bathroom.

1) Urinary, colon, rectal infections and other assorted issues. 

Oftentimes the cat will have pain associated with doing his business especially if he has tried diligently to make it happen in the litter box before. He will come to associate the litter box with pain. It is best to visit your local vet and have them take a look at your kitty to diagnose and fix any problems of this sort.

2) Mobility issues

Many older cats especially may develop arthritis or other muscular type diseases that can limit their ability to get around. And more importantly to make it to the litter box on time.

3) Litter box cleaning issues

If you clean the littler box with heavy duty chemicals it may develop a harsh odor that your cat doesn't like. Conversely, if you don't clean the littler box often enough there may be an equally disturbing smell inside that repels your cat from using it. Make sure you clean it on a regular basis.

4) Litter box location issues

Cat's like humans like to do their business in peace. They don't want to be bothered with noise or stress. So make sure the litter box is located in a reasonably quiet area of the home and away from your children or any other animals that you may have.

Lastly, always remember that if your cat is soiling your house it does not mean that he is trying to get revenge on you or show you up. This requires a level of cognitive ability and forethought that cats simply do not have. Also, they don't view urine and defecation as a particularly unpleasant thing like we do.

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